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Tuesday, September 26 2017 @ 01:02 AM AEST
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Jolly Logic voluntary recall of AltimeterOne and AltimeterTwo

John Beans has posted this on a US forum:

Bug Report: AltimeterOne and AltimeterTwo


Jolly Logic has found a bug in the code that displays METRIC units in next generation versions of AltimeterOne and AltimeterTwo. Altitudes in meters and speeds in meters/second are misreported on the display. The underlying data, stored in feet and MPH, remains accurate. However, when the units are switched to metric these measurements are displayed incorrectly. As most users in the United States use feet and MPH we are not making this a mandatory recall. However, if you plan to use your altimeter in metric mode, we would be happy to update your firmware.

Affected Units

Product Issue

AltimeterOne 2.3 Do not use in metric mode.
AltimeterTwo 3.8 Do not use in metric mode.

Earlier and later versions are okay.

Any customer who depends on metric units may send their altimeter to us with their return address and we will update their software. This is a voluntary update.

Send to:
Jolly Logic
231 Daylight Place
Danville, CA 94526

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Iconia Aerospace Store

Australian manufactured rocketry components at Chinese prices from outback Queensland.



Most rocketry supplies for model builders are made in China, then sent to the US, then brought into Australia by an importer then sold to you by a reseller.


Finally there are rocketry supplies made in Australia without all the markups by the middle men. Though we currently only have a limited line of products, new products will be being added on a monthly basis and as our new manufacturing facility is completed, our new machines will come online so prices are set to drop.


In the pipeline are fins, fins and more fins. Once one starts designing fins it's hard to know when enough designs are enough.


We will be providing each design in multiple sizes, however multiple material types will have to wait for a while.


Once we have a reasonable inventory of fin designs on sale, we will release a certain amount of new designs each month to add more variety.


We will also be providing a feature for people to submit fin design suggestions and even custom laser cut fins.


The more support we get from the Australian rocketry community, the more types and designs of model rocket parts we will manufacture.


It's all about people being able to build more creative model rockets in less time without spending a fortune.


Goto Iconia Aerospace Store
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New online rocketry store opens

My buddies over at Australian Rocketry (no relation) have opened a new online store, selling a wide variety of High Power kits, parts, accessories, and importantly, motors. Check them out @
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Delay adjusting tool (ProDAT) Recall Alert

Loki Research's Jeff Taylor has issued the following notice:-

It has come to my attention that some ProDAT delay adjusting tools sold in 2007 and 2008 are defective.

The problem is that the drill bit is set into the handle at the wrong height (too high). The result is that the delays are drilled deeper than expected and the delay times are too short by as much as five seconds. This can be catastrophic! Please check any ProDATs that you have and contact me if you find bad ones. The correct overall length to the tip of the drill bit is 1.675", the bad ones that I have seen are in the 1.8" to 1.82" range.
See for a drawing.

I will replace any bad tools, regardless of where you bought them.

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Rouse-Tech releases motor matrix

Ever been confused about what AeroTech RMS reload goes in what case? Rouse-Tech, licensed makers of AeroTech RMS compatible hardware, have created Motor Matrix to help show you what load goes in which case. They are even linked to so you can easily find out the relevant info for the load. Well worth a look, and bookmarking for future reference.

Rouse-Tech Motor Matrix

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Short and sweet

Suburban Rocketry are having a sale. 15% off all Semroc kits. Discount will be applied after order received. 5/3/08 to 11/3/08

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New Aussie dealer for Cosmodrome and BSD kits

Dave 'scoop1261' Couzens of CGN Rocketry has become a dealer for Cosmodrome Rocketry and BSD High Power Rocketry kits. He has a good range in stock and ready to go, and his prices are great.

While you are placing your order, don't forget to congratulate Dave on his successful Tripoli Level 3 certification flight at the Florida Winter Nationals last month. Dave flew a BSD Thor-X to 11683 feet on an AT M1297W, with a successful dual deployment recovery. See the pictures of Dave's build and flights here.

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Online Aussie Rocketry vendor opens for business

Yesterday, Suburban Rocketry opened it's virtual doors for business. Stop on by and check out their range of low and mid powered kits, building supplies, and accessories. And nope - not an Estes or Quest kit in sight! I've been chatting online with owner Darren "Bones" Bellia for many months, and he's an amazingly nice guy. I'm sure you'll be well looked after, as I was when I placed my order.

Suburban Rocketry -

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AeroTech RMS delay adjustment

With more Aussies getting involved in rocketry, with the result being more people new to composite motors, you might find these documents helpful.

AeroTech RMS (reloadable) motors offer cost savings over SU (single use) motors. The other benefit is RMS motors allow you to use a longer (time) delay element and adjust it to a shorter (time) delay. This lets you simply buy the longest delays with your reloads, and adjust them to suit your needs later. No need to try and figure out what delays you need before you buy motors, let alone build your rockets. Never be stuck for lack of the right delay again. :)

Read the following two documents carefully and in conjunction with each other and make sure you understand the process before getting started.

AeroTech RMS Delay Modification Procedure

Delay Lengths For Certified AeroTech RMS Reload Kits

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New Aussie Rocketry store

In an amazing step forward for Australian rocketeers, Blake Nikolic has become an official dealer and importer of Public Missiles Ltd and LOC Precision kits, parts, and accessories, as well as Aerotech motors. Blake's prices are very competitive, and he's a darn nice guy to boot. Congratulations Blake. We wish you every success in your new venture.

The new website is Australian Rocketry. You can read the full announcement here.


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