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Tuesday, September 26 2017 @ 01:00 AM AEST
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Country Queensland Club

Toowoomba Amateur Radio Aero Club launches from the Hodgson Vale field on the New England Highway south of Toowoomba. Next launches are 8th Sept and 10 Nov 2007. We have clearance to 2000 ft AGL and work under Model Aeronautical Association of Australia procedures and insurance. Launches have been set aside as "Public Displays" and all are welcome.
The Space Pilots club in Toowoomba have been launching here since 1969.
Peter Briggs
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AeroTech RMS delay adjustment

With more Aussies getting involved in rocketry, with the result being more people new to composite motors, you might find these documents helpful.

AeroTech RMS (reloadable) motors offer cost savings over SU (single use) motors. The other benefit is RMS motors allow you to use a longer (time) delay element and adjust it to a shorter (time) delay. This lets you simply buy the longest delays with your reloads, and adjust them to suit your needs later. No need to try and figure out what delays you need before you buy motors, let alone build your rockets. Never be stuck for lack of the right delay again. :)

Read the following two documents carefully and in conjunction with each other and make sure you understand the process before getting started.

AeroTech RMS Delay Modification Procedure

Delay Lengths For Certified AeroTech RMS Reload Kits

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Cairns connection in scramjet launch

You'd have to have been living under a rock to have missed the news coverage of last Friday's scramjet launch at Woomera. In today's The Cairns Post, more details have come into view.

Scramble into space
James O'Loan

"It's not every day you can go to Woomera and fire a rocket into space."

The understatement by Cairns' scramjet co-designer and AIMTEK principal, Prof Don Fry, comes after last Friday's spectacular launch of a scramjet from South Australia.

"We watched the rocket enter the outer reaches of space," he said. "The sound from the launch rocket motors was loud, followed 25 seconds after by the sonic boom of passing the sound barrier, then silence."

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New Aussie Rocketry store

In an amazing step forward for Australian rocketeers, Blake Nikolic has become an official dealer and importer of Public Missiles Ltd and LOC Precision kits, parts, and accessories, as well as Aerotech motors. Blake's prices are very competitive, and he's a darn nice guy to boot. Congratulations Blake. We wish you every success in your new venture.

The new website is Australian Rocketry. You can read the full announcement here.

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In a nutshell, this site exists to act as a guide to what is happening in the wider Australian Sporting Rocketry community. I'll be keeping an eye out for news about clubs and events, as well as items of interest to space and sci-fi enthusiasts. I'm always happy to receive suggestions and leads from the community. Like any website, this site will be a perpetual work in progress, so let me know what sort of things you would like to see. You can submit stories of your own by using the Contribute link at the top of the page (vendors/manufacturers also welcome).

Some features of this site are only available to logged in users. Read on for information about what members can do.

UPDATE: If you are using Hotmail, or another large free email provider, please check your Junk Mail folder for any emails from this site. I have made some changes that should satisfy their junk mail filters, but they often have policies that can be hard to comply with if you don't have full admin access to the webserver.

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'Matrix' producer plans remake of sci-fi classic

From Yahoo! News:

MADRID (AFP) - US filmmaker Joel Silver, who produced all of "The Matrix" films, said Tuesday he is planning a remake of the 1976 Oscar-winning science fiction classic "Logan's Run."

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Pemberton Technologies announce new LPR kits

Pemberton Technologies has announced details and pricing for two soon to be released kits. The kits, Little Bucky and Space Ark Jr, are LPR half-scales of two of their popular MPR/HPR kits.

The official launch (no pun intended) will be at NSL 2007 on June 1-3, where Pemberton Technologies will be an attending vendor.

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Mysterious hexagon spotted above Saturn

From Daily News:-

A mysterious giant hexagon lies above Saturn's north pole, captured by cameras on Nasa's Cassini Orbiter.

Spanning 25,000km - equivalent to the width of two planet Earths - the bizarre geometric feature appears to remain virtually still in the atmosphere as clouds swirl around it.


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