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Tuesday, September 26 2017 @ 01:01 AM AEST
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Say NO to Clean Feed Internet

At first, this post might seem somewhat off topic. I assure you it isn't.

Australian Labor Party Senator Stephen Conroy is attempting to introduce mandatory Internet filtering at the ISP for all Australians. His proposal is for a two tier system. One will be targeted toward families and children, and it will filter the Government's own blacklist of sites as well as additional material that may be considered offensive. The other will only filter the Government blacklist. Every Australian Internet connection will be subject to one or the other of these filtering schemes.

Senator Conroy says that the schemes will also filter out "illegal content". Unfortunately, we don't know exactly what he means by that. The current blacklist, maintained by ACMA, has roughly 1300 entries. The Senator suggests that this list will grow to over 10 000 entries. Clearly, there is intent to seriously curtail access to a vast body of content on the Internet. The blacklist has been exempted from being discoverable via FOI requests, so we'll have no idea what's actually on it. Already, Family First Senator Steven Fielding is drooling at the idea of an Australia wide censorship regime, and is pushing for sites dealing with anorexia and euthanasia to be added to the list - sites that aren't actually illegal. Additionally, the filtering infrastructure will allow the Government and ISP staff to snoop on all your Internet activity (including Internet banking and online shopping), ostensibly to log and report on attempts to access content they deem illegal.

What does this have to do with rocketry? Many Australian rocketeers have an interest in propulsion research. While the greater body of researchers are offshore, it follows that most websites that deal with the topic are also offshore. It's only a hop, step, and a jump to seeing propulsion research websites being classified as explosives manufacturing sites and then added to the blacklist. In it's current form, Senator Conroy's plan for Cyber Safety doesn't include any method of appeal to have sites removed from the blacklist.

I urge all rocketeers, indeed all thinking Australians, to educate themselves about this proposal. There are many reasons for opposing this plan. Contact your local federal member of Parliament and express your disgust at what can only be described as a censorship and snooping scheme of Orwellian proportions.

Further information is available at:-
No Clean Feed website
System Administrator Mark Newton's letter to Hon. Kate Ellis MP

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Rockets of the World back in print

The long wait for the next printing of Peter Alway's classic book is over. I'm waiting for my copy, but I have it on good authority that it contains the data for the Redstone Sparta, the launch vehicle that sent Australia into orbit.

Get it from the NARTS section of the NAR website, or from ARA Press.

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Rouse-Tech releases motor matrix

Ever been confused about what AeroTech RMS reload goes in what case? Rouse-Tech, licensed makers of AeroTech RMS compatible hardware, have created Motor Matrix to help show you what load goes in which case. They are even linked to so you can easily find out the relevant info for the load. Well worth a look, and bookmarking for future reference.

Rouse-Tech Motor Matrix

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Short and sweet

Suburban Rocketry are having a sale. 15% off all Semroc kits. Discount will be applied after order received. 5/3/08 to 11/3/08

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New Aussie dealer for Cosmodrome and BSD kits

Dave 'scoop1261' Couzens of CGN Rocketry has become a dealer for Cosmodrome Rocketry and BSD High Power Rocketry kits. He has a good range in stock and ready to go, and his prices are great.

While you are placing your order, don't forget to congratulate Dave on his successful Tripoli Level 3 certification flight at the Florida Winter Nationals last month. Dave flew a BSD Thor-X to 11683 feet on an AT M1297W, with a successful dual deployment recovery. See the pictures of Dave's build and flights here.

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NSWRA counting down to launch

Hi everyone,

A Christmas present for all!!!

We have been given sufficient approvals to re-start the NSWRA in January. All documentation will be finalised third week of January - just in time for a launch day at the end of the month. I'm guessing the 27th at this stage (to avoid co-inciding with Australia Day). At a minimum all black powder motors will be approved for flight with E to G to follow soon after (depends how the documentation proceeds with CASA in January).

A flyer will be issued to the hobby shops soon to notify any new people of this recommencement.

Things that still need to be done before that date:
-Allocate tasks to individuals. This includes, Launch Control Officers, Range Safety Officers, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, President (if your keen), etc.
-Finalise club's policies and procedures
-Determine membership fees - they will be higher than previous years due to higher insurance premiums
-do some cleaning up at the launch site - the grass is overgrown in some areas and needs to be cut back.

Further notifications will be sent out early next year to commence some of this work.

At this stage I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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QRS article in The Courier Mail

The Queensland Rocketry Society received a great write up in today's The Courier Mail. The article is online for all to read here.

Picture: Steve Pohlner

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40 years since WRESAT

Australia's Project WRESAT (Weapons Research Establishment Satellite) involved the development and launch from Woomera of a small scientific satellite at 2.19 pm on 29 November 1967 (local time), thereby making Australia only the fourth country to launch its own satellite from its own territory after the U.S.S.R., U.S.A. and France. The satellite, with its third stage rocket motor still attached, was placed in a near-polar orbit by a U.S. Redstone rocket.

The satellite re-entered over the Atlantic Ocean west of Ireland at 11:34 GMT on 10 January 1968. It had completed 642 orbits and transmitted scientific data for 73 orbits.

The first stage of the launch vehicle fell in the Simpson Desert of central Australia, while the second stage came down in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Little of the second stage would have survived re-entry. However, the first stage was recovered in April 1990 and returned to Woomera some 600 kilometres south.

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Anniversaries - 1st man-made object in space (65th) & Sputnik 1 (50th)

Yes, off topic. These aren't Australian, but they are arguably two of the most significant rocket launches in history.

I'm going to borrow from Ivan Safranov Space Video Archive. Be sure to check the rest of his site out - it has some great content.

Click above image for video - 20 sec; 0,7 Mb

First successful launch of V-2 rocket was conducted on October 3, 1942 year from missile range at Penemunde situated at Uzedom Island in Baltic Sea. The designer of the missile was Wernher von Braun. At that date first man-made rocket reach the Space. (matthew's note - Additional reference)

Click above image for video - 34 sec; 1,3 Mb

On October 4,1957 year at 7:28 pm. The First man made Satellite Sputnik was successfully launched into Space from Turatam missile range at Kazakhstan by Sputnik 8K71PS Space booster (Serial M1-PS). Sputnik had a shape of the sphere with the diameter of 58 centimeters and weight of 83.6 kilograms. It has 2 radio transmitter with the frequency of 20,005 and 40,002 Mhz. Sputnik was in flight until January 4,1958 year and made 1,440 orbits around the Earth.

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Online Aussie Rocketry vendor opens for business

Yesterday, Suburban Rocketry opened it's virtual doors for business. Stop on by and check out their range of low and mid powered kits, building supplies, and accessories. And nope - not an Estes or Quest kit in sight! I've been chatting online with owner Darren "Bones" Bellia for many months, and he's an amazingly nice guy. I'm sure you'll be well looked after, as I was when I placed my order.

Suburban Rocketry -


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