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Tuesday, September 26 2017 @ 01:07 AM AEST

Jolly Logic voluntary recall of AltimeterOne and AltimeterTwo

John Beans has posted this on a US forum:

Bug Report: AltimeterOne and AltimeterTwo


Jolly Logic has found a bug in the code that displays METRIC units in next generation versions of AltimeterOne and AltimeterTwo. Altitudes in meters and speeds in meters/second are misreported on the display. The underlying data, stored in feet and MPH, remains accurate. However, when the units are switched to metric these measurements are displayed incorrectly. As most users in the United States use feet and MPH we are not making this a mandatory recall. However, if you plan to use your altimeter in metric mode, we would be happy to update your firmware.

Affected Units

Product Issue

AltimeterOne 2.3 Do not use in metric mode.
AltimeterTwo 3.8 Do not use in metric mode.

Earlier and later versions are okay.

Any customer who depends on metric units may send their altimeter to us with their return address and we will update their software. This is a voluntary update.

Send to:
Jolly Logic
231 Daylight Place
Danville, CA 94526

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