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Tuesday, September 26 2017 @ 01:07 AM AEST

Iconia Aerospace Store

Australian manufactured rocketry components at Chinese prices from outback Queensland.



Most rocketry supplies for model builders are made in China, then sent to the US, then brought into Australia by an importer then sold to you by a reseller.


Finally there are rocketry supplies made in Australia without all the markups by the middle men. Though we currently only have a limited line of products, new products will be being added on a monthly basis and as our new manufacturing facility is completed, our new machines will come online so prices are set to drop.


In the pipeline are fins, fins and more fins. Once one starts designing fins it's hard to know when enough designs are enough.


We will be providing each design in multiple sizes, however multiple material types will have to wait for a while.


Once we have a reasonable inventory of fin designs on sale, we will release a certain amount of new designs each month to add more variety.


We will also be providing a feature for people to submit fin design suggestions and even custom laser cut fins.


The more support we get from the Australian rocketry community, the more types and designs of model rocket parts we will manufacture.


It's all about people being able to build more creative model rockets in less time without spending a fortune.


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