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Tuesday, September 26 2017 @ 12:59 AM AEST

Anniversaries - 1st man-made object in space (65th) & Sputnik 1 (50th)

Yes, off topic. These aren't Australian, but they are arguably two of the most significant rocket launches in history.

I'm going to borrow from Ivan Safranov Space Video Archive. Be sure to check the rest of his site out - it has some great content.

Click above image for video - 20 sec; 0,7 Mb

First successful launch of V-2 rocket was conducted on October 3, 1942 year from missile range at Penemunde situated at Uzedom Island in Baltic Sea. The designer of the missile was Wernher von Braun. At that date first man-made rocket reach the Space. (matthew's note - Additional reference)

Click above image for video - 34 sec; 1,3 Mb

On October 4,1957 year at 7:28 pm. The First man made Satellite Sputnik was successfully launched into Space from Turatam missile range at Kazakhstan by Sputnik 8K71PS Space booster (Serial M1-PS). Sputnik had a shape of the sphere with the diameter of 58 centimeters and weight of 83.6 kilograms. It has 2 radio transmitter with the frequency of 20,005 and 40,002 Mhz. Sputnik was in flight until January 4,1958 year and made 1,440 orbits around the Earth.

Like a lot of rocketeers, I'm very fond of the V-2 shape. There's just something "right" about it. Here's my Thrustline V-2 that I built last year, with the paint scheme based on the historic flight above.

I've also been building a cardstock version of the Classic Paper Space Models R-7 Sputnik. I don't have any photos just yet, but it's almost complete and I hope to launch it this Thursday on the day of the anniversary.

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